Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 2 - Practical

Script 1
- introduce yourself 30 secs
- review of points from lecture
- structure of a script
- review of first iteration

St. versus Saint
Reading is not good. Speaking /talking is. It’s more personal.
Nervous – get over this with practice
Confidence is good. Over Confident = arrogant = bad
Tongue n’ cheek – can be humorous but can be misinterpreted
Speaking fast -> short
First person / third person – text must be all the same
Targeted delivery: natural v put on
Short is easier to fix than long
Long leads to speaking too fast. Try rewording instead
Good ending – finish on laugh
Humor / not to offend

- Second iteration
Slowed down
Rhythm / flow
The way it’s written stops you saying it correctly – Use the Voiceover Script Template

– Use the Voiceover Script Template
rewrite script using this template

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